2022 April Vacation Junior Instruction to Golf

April Vacation Classes will be on April 18,19,20,21

During April vacation we are putting together an introduction to golf class. This class is for any boy or girl between the ages of 7-14 that is looking for basic instruction while being introduced to the game in a fun atmosphere. This class can also be used as a refresher class as you get started for the new season.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday they will be instructed on different fundamentals of the game.                                                                             There is a maximum of 14 kids for each class. It will be helpful but not mandatory if students have their own clubs.

Class will start at 10am until 12:00 noon
Cost is $160 for all 4 or $50 each class      

Sign ups begin April 1st, Call the pro shop 978-922-9072 Ext 1


This year will be our 11th season to team up with Nike to enhance our Junior program. These programs have improved each year. The kids are having a great time learning about the game and have gone on to become good junior and high school golfers.                                                                                       These classes are for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Ages 7 – 14

Our 3 different classes are ( The Putters, The Chippers, The Bombers)

The Putters class

This class is a great way for your son or daughter to get introduced to the game of golf. This class is for anyone who is a true beginner, or for someone deciding if golf is something your son or daughter will want to pursue. This class will go over your basic fundamentals and course etiquette.                        This is a one day class on Saturday from 4pm – 5:30pm.
For this class, clubs can be provided for those who don’t have their own.
The price is $50 per class. The dates: June 4, June 11, June 18

To sign up go to:
If you need some assistance contact the Beverly Pro Shop


The Chippers class

For your son or daughter who has participated already in the beginners class and wants to advance his or her talents. Also for someone who has been in this class last year and wants to take a refresher class before moving up. This class is a little more advanced. This is a 4 day class that runs 3 hours per day. This class is all about instruction and etiquette with a couple of group breaks in between. We will go over all aspects of the game. From putting, chipping, irons and driver. We expect you to have your own clubs for this class.                                                                                                                                    This class goes from 9am – 12:00 also included is a gift pack from Nike.

The price is $425 The dates for half day classes are:     June 27-30 / July 5-8 / July 25-28 / Aug 8-12 / Aug 22-25

To sign up go to:
If you need some assistance contact the Beverly Pro Shop


The Bombers class

For your son or daughter who has completed the other 2 classes or is a junior golfer that has some history of playing. This is not a class for beginners. They need to be able to walk 9 holes and carry their own bag. This class will go into advanced instruction. They will learn about ball flight laws, bunker play, course management and all other types of instructions. This is a 4 day class that runs 7 hours per day.                                                                             Also included each day after lunch is 2 hours of on the course play and instruction.
This class goes from 9am – 4pm. Lunch will be included each day along with a gift pack from Nike.

The price is $695 The dates for full day classes are:    July 11-14 / July 18-21 / Aug 1-4 / Aug 15-18

To sign up go to:
If you need some assistance contact the Beverly Pro Shop